As "Sourcing Specialists", we place primary importance on customers'

"sourcing advantage"and provide support for the evolution of manufacturers.

"Sourcing  Advantage" refers to

  -customers have an advantage over  competitors  in their  markets  in the overall evaluation of stability,

             quality and price in the area of parts sourcing activities .



"Sourcing  Specialists" refers to

  -direct personnel who make full use of their technical capabilities, negotiating power, cost analysis ability and connections to build

        mutual trust with customers, share the passion for sourcing with them and place primary importance on customers'                                         "sourcing advantage" with a strong conviction irrespective of differences in nationality or race.


  -Specialists who support the stability of management and the expansion of sales and profits of parts manufactures through the                       process of  realization of customer’s sourcing advantage.


  -Specialists  who realize the "creation of sourcing advantage" with customers and parts manufacturers by thorough execution of                     business abilities with competitive costs.