Associated Companies

Far Hsing Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Far Hsing Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Address: Yang-Mei, Tao-Yuan county, Taiwan

Establishment:1973, incorporated into CMP group in 2000

Number of Employees: 200 people

Capital: US$2.6 million, Sales: US$20 million

Management Certification: ISO14001,Ford Q1,TS16949

Main products: Auto-parts, Engine components(oil pump, water pump etc.),chassis(brake rotor, Caliper ets.)

FZ Samuel M&E Products Co.,Ltd
FZ Samuel M&E Products Co.,Ltd

Address: Fuzhou city, Fujian, China

Establishment: 2001

Number of Employees:500 people

Capital: US$16 million, Sales: US$10 million

Management Certification: ISO14001,QS9000,TS16949,OHSAS18001

Main products: Auto-parts, Chassis parts(brake rotor, drum ,Caliper, knuckle ,hub)

China Metal Products Co.,Ltd
China Metal Products Co.,Ltd

Address: Xinzhu ,Taiwan


Number of Employees: 160 people

Sales : US$25 million

Management Certification: ISO9001, TS16949

Main Products: Auto-parts, general-purpose machinery components, Flywheel housing, Flywheel

Product capability: 2500MT/Month

China Metal West(Tianjin) Industry  Co.,Ltd
China Metal West(Tianjin) Industry Co.,Ltd

Address: Tianjin city, china

Establishment: 2006

Number of Employees:1000 people

Capital: US$50 million, Sales: US$40 million

Management  Certification: ISO9002, ISO14001, QS9000, TS16949

Main products: Auto-parts, Exhaust manifold, brake rotor, Caliper

Product capability: 9000MT/Month

Suzhou CMB Machinery Co.,LTD

Address: Suzhou city, China


Numer of Employees: 300 people

Capital: US$100 million

Management Certification: ISO9001, ISO14000

Main products: General-purpose machinery engine block, Transmission case

                                                       Product capability: 8000MT/Month

China Metal Suzhou Industry Co.,Ltd
China Metal Suzhou Industry Co.,Ltd

Address: Suzhou city, china

Establishment: 2000

Number of Employees: 2000 people

Capital: US$65 million, Sales: US$80 million

Management Certification: ISO9002, ISO14001

Main products: Auto-parts, Engine block, Transmission case

Product capability: 6000MT/Month