Company Profile


Company Name CMJ Co.,Ltd.

Head office

Third FL, Crescendo BL. Shinyokohama 2-3-4, Yokohama

   Tel 045-470-5158

   Fax 045-470-5157

West Japan Office

154 Gion-cho, Nagahama, Shiga

   Tel 0749-64-3078

   Fax 0749-64-3087

China Office Office 624,International Business CenterNo.196 Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, China
Representative Mr. Murakami Kazuya(President and Founder)
Establishment Sep 7, 2000

Machine parts and tooling (Iron, Aluminum casting, forging, Sintering)sales and trading of machining parts

Capital JPY 30 million
Sales JPY 2.6 billion
Auditing Firm KPMG

                                Automotive                        Home Appliances          

                                   ・Engine components                                                     ・Air Conditioning components

                                   ・Transmission components                                           ・Refrigerator components

                                   ・Brake components                                                       ・Dehumidifier components

                                   ・Chassis components


                                  General-purpose Machine                                          Production Equipment 

                                   ・General-purpose engine components                         ・Process Machine

                                   ・Agricultural Machine components                               ・Process Line Machine

                                   ・Hydraulic Machine components

                                   ・Transmission components


2000 Established.

2001 Started delivery of powder metal part for air-conditioner compressor to MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION SHIZUOKA WORKS.

2001 Made a J/V contract with YANMAR CO.,LTD.
2002 Made a T/A contract with YANMAR CO.,LTD.    Started delivery of engine cylinder block to YANMAR CO.,LTD.
2003 Started delivery of brake part for commercial vehicle to Bosch Corporation Japan.
2007 Started delivery of brake part to MAZDA Motor Corporation.
2009 Started delivery of engine part, transmission part to YANMAR CO.,LTD.
2010 Started delivery of brake part to Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
2010 Started delivery of part for cultivator to New Delta Industrial Co.,LTD.
2011 Started delivery of engine part to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
2012 Started delivery of transmission part to Fuji Machinery Co.,LTD.
2012 Started delivery of part for hydraulic pump to Daikin- Sauer-Danfoss, Ltd.
2013 Established Qingdao Sourcing Specialists trading co.,ltd in Qingdao to strengthen service  to Japanese enterprises in China.
2013 Started sales of production equipment as Japan agent of SUZHOU SANXIN MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO , LTD.
2014 Started delivery of equipment for production to YOSHIWA KOGYO CO., LTD.
2014 Started delivery of part for SKYACTIV-D engine to MAZDA Motor Corporation.
2015 Started selling of aluminum drawing material parts as sale agent of Giant Manufacturing (Taiwan's Big manufacturers of) in Japan.

2015 Started delivery part for brake to Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. 

2019 Started delivery part for pipe joint to Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

2020 To aim at further internationalization,Changed the company name to CMJ Co., Ltd.

2020 Started delivery of part for hydraulic pump to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Main Customers

Fuji Machinery Co.,Ltd.                                                                  Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Bosch Corporation.                                                                            Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.

Kanzaki Kokyukoki MFG.Co.,Ltd.                                                     Mazda Motor Co.,Ltd.              

KNORR-BREMSE Commercial Vehicle Systems Japan Ltd.                    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Co.,Ltd.                                                      Mitsubishi Electric Co.,Ltd.

Nissin Kogyo Co.,Ltd.                                                                                          New Delta Industrial Co., Ltd.

YOSHIWA KOGYO Co.,Ltd.                                                                            Daikin-Sauer-Danfoss Manufacturing Inc.

Makino Milling Machine Co.,Ltd.                                                                      Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.