CEO Message

I want to set up a company which can give profesional assistance to parts sourcing and make everyone who engages in manufactures get better and better.The Taiwan listed company that called CMP Co., Ltd approved of my plan and passion, so I founded CMJ CO., Ltd in cooperation with CMP CO., Ltd in 2000 years.


After CMJ CO., Ltd has be founded, we got much support from many customers and partners. Fortunately, CMJ CO., Ltd is growing quickly and steady.


Such automotive, home electric appliances and general machineries industory are very important portion of Japanese economy. In tese business, the quality and the cost of parts is one of important competitiveness.


Especially, some parts like metallic material or machine parts which be made in a construction method and many production processes that continually  improving over many years,it is very difficult for us to keep down the cost of these parts in the existent supply chain.


We hope we can propose the most ideal suppliers with optimum conditions so that they can produce the parts in the best place with a fair price for customers .

At the same time, we can introduce to our customers the unique production technology of suppliers accumulated year by year. We do the VE and VA at the same time, so that the supplier and the customers can establish a win-win partnership.


We are making efforts in regards to our activities, so that we can realize customers’ sourcing advantage and associated companies’ further development in the future.


I hope that you will continue to favor us with your support, and I do hope you will give me further guidance and encouragement in the future.